We separate our adult pleasure objects and lingerie in different tiers to cater to your individual desires, preferences, and needs.

Level 1: Helps you to feel comfortable talking and laughing about your sexuality.
Level 2: Helps you explore different fetishes and stations, unexplored territories, if you will..
Level 3: Caters to those who feel completely comfortable talking and experiencing their carnal desires, and have a fully formed their sensual repertoire and fetish(s).

Remember: Nobody wakes up sexual, we all started as innocent minds working our way through trying to understand our bodies and sexuality. And that can be really fun journey if you are open to it. We are all having sex (well not you because you’re reading this;) so leave the shame at the front door and cum find complete self love with us. With that in mind, all of your products are carefully designed, crafted and inspected to keep you safe and satisfied..

Please enjoy looking through our products and as always,
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Stay sexy, because we’re cumming for you.
Alexis Ely – CEO – Division31