Division31 is all about developing a positive sex life! And we know even though our products are amazing and create an amazing sexual journey, sometimes we need a little extra help. That’s why we offer in-person sex and dating consultations as well as classes. We want to help you in any way we can, and sometimes that means getting into the nitty-gritty in person.

Sex Consultations
Our sex consultations deal with any and all sex questions you may have. How to introduce your fetish to the person you’re dating, how to find someone with a similar fetish, how to get the spark back in your sex life. You name it, we’ve dealt with it, and more importantly, we’re not shy to help. No question is off limits! So if you need some sex advice, and don’t have anyone to turn to, turn to us because we’re here to make your sex life fantastic.

Dating Consultations
Our dating consultations are very similar to the movie hitch. We help you develop and grow your confidence so you can obtain any person(s) you wish! We’re here to help you realize the seductive tiger you are.

How It Works:
We can meet in person, FaceTime, Skype, text – Whatever makes you feel most comfortable. However, we suggest if you’re doing more than a half day to do at least FaceTime or in person.

Once purchased we will send you an email to set up an appointment time as well as ask you a few questions to get set up a game plan on the best way to help you. All sex and dating consultations are with our CEO Alexis Ely, great sex and confidence are something she feels very passionate about and wants you to feel the same!


Class/Consultation Signup